Northwoods Pregnancy Care Services

All services are FREE and Confidential


Pregnancy testing & Ultrasounds

          When a young woman finds out she is pregnant, her life will be changed forever.  She may have a lot of mixed emotions, questions, concerns and fears.  Our well trained & caring staff will be there to support her from the moment the pregnancy is confirmed, and will continue to provide support as long as needed.

 Options Counseling

          Our staff will provide counseling on what choices are available, provide information on each choice and provide basic knowledge of the implications of the different choices:

  • Carry the baby to term and parent the child
  • Carry the baby to term and place with adoptive parents
  • Terminate the child

Whatever choice is made, counseling will be confidential and non judgemental.  Resources and referrals will be made as needed, however, no referrals will be made to abortion clinics.  It is our goal to assist our clients in making the best decisions for everyone involved, including the father of the child if he is involved. 

Referrals to Community Assistance Resources

            We will assist in connecting clients with community resources to meet their needs such as Medical Assistance (Social Services), WIC, ECFE, Bi-CAP, etc.   

Prenatal Education

          Knowing what to expect and what is “normal” will reduce some of the stress expectant parents experience during pregnancy.  Classes will be provided for both moms and dads. 

Parenting Education

          Being pregnant brings so many changes, and the transition from being a single person to being a parent is huge.  We are here to help prepare our clients for the responsibilities that come with being a parent.  Our parenting classes will be connected to an incentive program, and fathers will also be encouraged to participate.

 Incentive Program (Earn While You Learn)

          Clients can earn points while they learn. As they come to the classes and complete courses, points are awarded.  These points can then be used to “purchase” items such as diapers, formula, car seats, cribs etc. from our incentive room.  Dads also participate in this! 

Post Abortion Recovery

           We are here to offer Hope and Healing for those who have experienced the  loss and pain an abortion can bring.  Bible studies will be provided for anyone who desires healing.